Best exercise to build a bigger triceps

Triceps workouts-The 5 best exercise to build a bigger triceps

Best exercise to build a bigger triceps

Building bigger triceps is not so tough if you are dedicated to make it. Nearly, 60% of our upper arms mass consists of triceps. In this article, I am going to tell you the 5 best exercise to build bigger triceps.

The tricep is a three-headed muscle. It’s made up of the lateral head, the medial head and the long head around the back. We’ve talked about the importance of the long head all the time. Save your jokes, I know. The long head is important. I get it. The fact is, when it comes to tricep training, the long head is very important. Why? Because if you look at these two heads here, they exist on the upper arm. They don’t cross the shoulder joint. They start here and end here on the other side of the elbow. All they’re influencing here is elbow extension. Nothing that I did up here at the shoulder would be matter because they don’t cross that joint. Whereas, the long head is the one that does cross that joint, coming off the scapula.

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So, we know we can influence that. So, if you’re going to put together a perfect tricep workout, what we need to do is figure out ways to influence that. Taking it a step further, we realize that the long head of the triceps is put on stretch when our arm is way up over our body. So, we need to choose exercises that do that. We also know that we can bring it in the opposite direction, all the way back behind the body, and engage it into a full contraction, or fully shortened position. So, we want to make sure we pick exercises that do that, too. They’ll be in our perfect workout. At the same time, in pursuit of this, we don’t want to lose sight of the fact that progressive overload still matters.

Being able to load up the triceps with heavier weights, like any other muscle, as much as possible is going to help us build them bigger. So, we have to go pick the right, big exercises here.

Here are the 5 best workouts to build a bigger triceps

1.Close grip bench-press

Source: Wikimedia commons

The close grip bench press is one of the best exercise to build bigger triceps and I would like to address the heavier stuff first when we have the most energy and we’re able to hit them hard. What is the first one up here? It’s a close grip bench-press, but it’s close-grip pin press. Why are we pressing off the pins instead of doing a full range of motion press? Because if you’re trying to target the triceps most, and overload the triceps, you do have to realize that the majority of the working done by the triceps is from the midpoint, on. It’s toward the lockout portion of the press. If we train all the way down here, off our chest, although it’s a good exercise, we’re working more on the delts to get them off our chest. So, what we’re trying to do is isolate more of the function of the triceps, which will allow us to load this exercise up even heavier to match the strength the triceps have here. We perform these in 10, 6, and 4 reps across three sets.


Source: wikimedia commons

Moving on, we go to the next big exercise. That is the weighted dip. Again, there is an opportunity here that I think is sometimes overlooked. That is to do this in the form of a tricep. We can get to failure and we can push beyond failure. So, what I do is set up here with a weight around my waist. I can do it that way, or I can hold the dumbbell between my legs. Whatever is easiest for you. The fact here is, I’m going to perform my dip and I’m going to drop set when I reach failure, to let go of the weight, and get back up there as a bodyweight option.

As I do those reps, I’m going to then go to failure once again, until I can go and attach to the band, but my knees inside, and do the third set here without resting. Continue this drop set down with an assisted dips. In terms of the technique, no matter which form I’m doing here, in order to maximally engage the triceps, you want to do two things. Number one: you want to keep your torso as upright as possible. You want to keep your trunk up as tall as possible. The next thing is, don’t allow the forearms to dominate this movement. As you come up to the top, I like to almost hand release. Push down through the palms of my hand, let my triceps do all the extending here. Don’t grip too much here. The tendency is to not go to a full extension because you’re activating the forearms too much. I want that release. Let go of the hands as you get to the top. Weighted-dip is one of the best exercise to build a bigger triceps that you should definitely try this workout


This superset was made with the idea of doing what we talked about before. This is one of the best exercise to build bigger triceps. That’s focusing on the long head, taking it through both of those extremes. An exercise that puts it in more of a stretch position, and an exercise that puts it in more of a contracted position. We can do that here with a single cable. We start with the push away. You’ll see here, what I want to do – since this is the stretched position of the long head – I try to accentuate that.

I try to allow the arms to drift a little bit higher on every rep to make sure I’m getting a good stretch on the long head. We do that, again, by allowing the elbow to travel as high as our body will allow them.

4.Seated overhead dumbbell extension


This workout basically targets your long head in triceps when you move your arms overhead. Dumbbell overhead triceps extension is one of the best and very convenient to do. In case you go heavy you can take your partners support to lift the dumbbell. Do 3 sets of 8-10 reps

To perform this exercise, get a dumbbell and sit straight in the bench, set your back in an arc position. Now, move the dumbbell up and down by using your elbows.

This workout activates all the three heads of triceps and make your entire triceps stronger.

5.Diamond push-ups

Diamond push-ups mainly focus on your triceps brachii, the muscles which run along the back of our upper arm. This workout also referred to as triangle push-ups and close-grip push-ups.

Besides triceps, this exercise is also very convenient for back, chest and shoulder. It improves your overall strength and stamina.

It is very important to perform triceps workout because 60% of the upper arm consists of the triceps. And you should not skip this workout if you want to look your arms bigger.

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