Health benefits of doing regular exercise

Health benefits of doing regular exercise

Health benefits of doing regular exercise

Regular exercise plays a vital role in our daily life. At least 30 minutes of exercise or any form of physical activity is recommended for everyone. Because it has unlimited benefits to our body and so for our overall growth. If you don’t like going to the gym to lift dumbells and weight training then it is completely ok but you must take some other form of physical activity such as running, swimming, or any other sports. In this article, I’m going to tell you the amazing health benefits of doing regular exercise which you guys should read.

Some recent research shows that any form of physical activity performing on a daily basis like jogging, walking, playing any sports has makes you feel happier and prevent several diseases because it makes your immune system healthier which helps to fight diseases occurring in our body.

From physical health to mental health it plays a crucial role in our daily life. What it requires is your little bit of effort. Follow the golden rule of 21/90 days which says that it takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days for a lifestyle. It’s up to you what you want.

Remember one thing every expert was once a beginner. So start today because no one is perfect in this world and your small efforts can give you an immense result.

10 Amazing health benefits of doing regular exercise

1.Make you feel happier

It is a proven fact that people who workout daily are feeling happier than other’s who don’t workouts. It prevents the feeling of depression, stress and anxiety.

Studies show that doing regular exercise changes your mood in a positive way and change your perception towards yourself. When we exercise we increase the release of a hormone called “endorphins” which helps us to feel positive and act as a painkiller because it decreases the feeling of pain from our body.

2.Boost your immune system

Regular exercise is very helpful when it comes to boosting your immune system because it increases the blood and circulation of immune cells. The researches show that It increases the white blood cells (WBC) in our body which prevents diseases and infections. you can do jogging, running or any other physical activity to give a boost to your immune.

3.Natural Glow to Skin

There are multiple benefits of doing regular exercise. when we workout then the circulation of blood in our body increases naturally which makes our skin healthy and glowing. Another benefit of regular exercise is that it prevents wrinkles in our face and early aging. However, it makes our hair healthy and reduces the problem of hair-fall because regular exercise gives nourishment to our scalp.

4.Decrease overweight

Burn more calories than you eat. People often eat heavy but at the same time when it comes to workout, they totally refuse it which results in increasing overweight. Regular workouts help to burn out more calories. So those who have a problem of overweight have to make some physical activity to overcome this problem. Ex-Running, Walking fast, cycling etc. Now, Some people might face the problem of underweight so for this, you have to intake more calories than you burn.

5.Good for muscles and bones

Practicing daily exercise helps you to get stronger bones and muscles because when we workout we release hormones which promotes the ability of our muscles to absorb amino acids.

By aging, people have higher chances of injuries to their bone But regular workouts tend to reduce this problem.

6.Improves quality sleep

It improves the quality of your sleep because workouts require energy and when you feel low after post-workout you automatically fall asleep. Those people who have a problem of sleeping disorder or going to bed very late at night then exercise is like a pills for you to improve your sleep quality. So, in my opinion, one should definitely take this to improve your lifestyle because it taught us the power of discipline.

If you are not taking your life so seriously then you should try this because it teaches us the value of time and sometimes the small efforts can make so big in life.

7.Improves sex life

the problem of errectile dysfunction are common in men. But regualr exercise are surely get you out from this problem. Women who workouts have more sexual arousals comparing to others.

You can increase frequency of your sexual activity and improve your sexual performance by doing regular exercise.

8.Reduces high blood pressure

Regular physical activity decrease the body fat which is responsible for high blood pressure. Thus it reduces the risk of high blood pressure

9.Efficient working of brain

It helps in the circulation of blood in the brain which results in a healthier mind and memory. People perform better compare to those who don’t work out. Their way of thinking and decision making is better than others. It changes our mood in a positive way because during exercise we release certain chemicals which decreases the negative thinking.

10. Increase your chances of live longer

People who are physically more active than others have more chances to live longer compared to others.

Thus it can be concluded that there are unlimited health benefits of doing regular exercise like it makes you feel happier, reduce overweight and so on. It is recommended for every person that does 30 minutes of physical activity daily. It’s up to you what type of physical activity you choose like running, jogging, playing any sports etc.

It gives a boost to your immune system and gets a natural glow to your skin. From reducing high blood pressure to improve your sexual life there are multiple benefits of doing regular exercise.

Exercise is very beneficial for those people who have to suffer from a sleeping disorder and goes late night to bed for sleep.

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