Best exercise to build a wider back

Back workouts – The 5 best exercise to make it

Best exercise to build a wider back

A strong back is a symbol that represents your strength. The stronger back helps you in doing squats, bench press, lifting heavy weights and many other workouts. In this article, I am telling you the 5 best exercise to build a wider back.

Benefits of doing a back workout

  • You have less chance of injury.
  • It helps you to fix your body posture.
  • It makes your body work in a smooth and efficient way.
  • Back workout helps you to build a V-shape physique.
  • Helps in reducing a lower back pain

Now, back workouts are very important for those people who are mainly sitting in an office and working all day for long hours. In fact, many of us are stick to our laptops and smartphones for hours. And back workout helps us to fix a good posture.

People often make a mistake i.e; they directly go for their back workout without any warm-up and this is very wrong because it might be possible that we got injured and resting in beds for months to recover. In fact, it is not only necessary in case of back workout although very important to go for some warm-up set before moving to any particular exercise.

Awakening your muscles before moving to a particular workout is very important because the warm-up has gradually increased the heart rate and blood flow and thus, the flow of blood in the body makes our muscles work. Simply stretching before exercise helps the body to prepare for physical activity and hence, prevent us from injuries.

If you try all methods but still struggle to build a wider back then don’t worry because, In this article, I have described 6 best exercise to build a wider back which is very convenient to do. So read the full article to get the best results.

Here is the 5 best workout to build a wider back


Every fitness freak and gym-going person loves to do a pull-up and almost every trainer recommends this exercise because it improves our overall body strength and muscles. This exercise can be performed every day and it does not matter whether you perform it in the gym or home. This workout is very helpful in developing a V-shape physique because it targets your lats to be wider.

How to do: Grab the bar with your both hand on your shoulder width. Then bend your knees and make sure that your feet don’t touch the ground. By pulling your elbows bring yourself up until your chin touches the bar and then lower your body in a starting position. Do 3 sets up to failure.

2.Dumbbell single arm row

This workout mainly focuses on your lats and improves the strength of your overall back muscles. It targets your upper and lowers back simultaneously. For a beginner, a slightly light-weighted dumbbell is good to start and build strength.

How to do: The first is that you have to get a flat bench and a dumbbell then rest your right knee on the bench. And place your right hand in bench for support. Make sure that your left-hand palm in which you hold a dumbbell should be facing in. Get a naturally arched position of your back by bending your hips. Pull the dumbbell up until your upper arm is parallel with the floor. Similarly, do the same with your other hand. Do 3 sets of 20, 15 and 10.

3.Barbell deadlift

This workout can’t be compared with any other workout because its alone enough and increases your core strength. If you have to do one exercise then this is one of the best exercise to build a wider back. It works more on muscles than any other exercise.

How to do: Grasp the barbell with your both hand on shoulder width. Chest up, back straight, look straight ahead on the mirror as you lift the bar. Make sure that the barbell is positioned directly under the scapulae. When you pull the bar your spine should remain straight with your head, hips and back all inline. People often make mistakes i.e: Placing the bar too far from their body, when they pull the bar and lowering down. Place the bar over your mid-foot means, as close to your body. Lift the bar up to your thigh level and then lower it back in starting position.

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4.Lat Pulldown

This workout focuses on your latissimus dorsi (large muscles of the back) muscles of your back and provides strength to your back muscles. This exercise is very easy to do.

How to do: Set yourself accordingly and place your thighs underpad. Grasp the bar from its bending position slightly wider than shoulder-width. Keep your chest up, and then pull the bar down in front of your chest, squeeze your lats and then release it back on its original position. Do 3 sets of 25, 20 12.

5.Bent over barbell row

Barbell bent-over row works on your overall back either it is upper or lower it works equally on both. And one of the best back exercise for muscle building.

How to do: Grab the barbell with pronated (palms facing down) or supinated grip (palms facing up). Grasp the barbell with you hand slightly wider than shoulder-width. Then, bring your torso forward and bend your knees. Chest up and keep your back straight. Now, lift the barbell up to your sternum, squeeze your back muscles at the top of movement. Lower it back in the starting position. Do 3 sets of 12 each.


Back workouts help to maintain your posture and prevent back pain. Those people who have sat in their office chairs for long hours to work have needed extra attention to their backs. And these workouts which I mentioned above surely the best to give you relief.

Targeting your back is very important because it gives strength to your upper body to lift more weights and prevent you from injuries. Everyone has a desire of V-shape physique and believe me it’s not so tough to get if you work hard on your workouts with full dedication.

So, this is my article on the 5 best exercise to build a wider back. I hope you all like this. If you like this then please share it with your friends and colleagues so that they can get help from this. If you have any queries or doubt then please ask me in the comment section of this blog.

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